Life is unexpected and we don’t know what lays ahead of us in the next moment. Most of the times we are going about leading our normal lives when an incident occurs and the normalcy is taken out of our lives. It could be anything for that matter – a major accident, a close family member falling critically ill or something unexpected. Most times we don’t have any backup plans and we just land up dealing with these scenarios as and when and if they do arise. However, when it comes to unexpected medical expenses, sometimes insurance and income help. But what if both are not present?

Why is Fund Raising Needed?

First, let’s consider and understand a couple of scenarios when the unexpected medical expenses arise and how dealing with them gets a little difficult. Imagine a happily married couple that is expecting a baby. Everything seems fine and normal in the beginning. All of a sudden much before the pregnancy term has been completed, some complications are encountered and the baby is born prematurely. Or maybe the child is born with some rare disease. Due to this, both the parents have to take an unpaid leave from their job and stay by the child’s bedside the whole day.

Other than the hospital and medicines costs, what adds on to this is the cost of the different specialist that visit the baby from time to time, i.e., pediatrician, speech therapist, surgeons and so on. With the parents on unpaid leaves, it becomes extremely difficult to afford the cost of the treatment, which is essential for the baby’s survival. In such cases is when funds need to be arranged so that the child’s life can be changed. Also, this is not a hypothetical situation; there have been instances where such things have happened and with the assistance from the hospital, the parents managed to arrange the funds and the child’s life was saved. Not only that, the child is hale and hearty today and doing great.

Crowd Funding as a Fund Raising Option

Crowdfunding is a new way to raise money. It is growing in popularity

Crowdfunding is a new way to raise money. It is growing in popularity

Now the question arises is how do we arrange funds in cases like these? The fundraising can be used for the below mentioned medical –

  • Heart Attack or Stroke Patients and Families
  • Health Insurance
  • Cancer Treatment, Awareness, & Research
  • End-of-Life Costs
  • Doctor’s Bills
  • Children’s Medical Costs

There are multiple fundraising options, out of which Crowdfunding is probably the best possible fundraiser option for medical costs and expenses. So how does crowdfunding work? Crowdfunding helps individuals by helping them to raise money through an online donation page. It is a very economical option and very simple to use. You can create a crowdfunding campaign, which allows people, including family members and strangers to donate to the cause. Additionally, through the crowdfunding option, you can keep people, who have contributed, updated on the status of the medical treatment and how the recovery of the affected person is coming along.

There are some basic steps involved to start your crowdfunding campaign –

  1. Select a crowdfunding platform like KickStarter.
  2. Set a fundraising goal.
  3. Create your crowdfunding page.
  4. Begin your campaign.
  5. Promote your campaign.

This is the probably the easiest options to start and create and promote and even keeping the contributors updated on the same.

There are other options also that can be used for fundraising like

  • Organize a Bake Sale
  • Have a cook-off fundraiser
  • Garage Sale or a used book sale
  • Walkathons and many other options.

Saving a Life

Sometimes medical expenses are unplanned and at times fundraising is the only possible option, especially when it’s the matter of saving a life. And in comes crowdfunding, this is the easiest and probably the most reliable when it comes to raising funds. Also, the system makes it very transparent for even the contributors to monitor the progress of the treatment and how the recovery is going about for that matter. That makes it possible for even strangers to believe the cause and contribute freely.