Monday 9 Dec. Mother nature in a bad mood

We have had the works from mother nature and now she is really giving it some! Stopped rowing my shift at 1930 last might as the waves were coming from all directions…..big waves and breaking.

Boat drifted all night in right direction which was good. Sleeping is hard but we are managing…cabin soaked through.  Nick went out to try and row at 0900 this morning which was interesting! Waves at around 35ft with 5kts of wind….it was so daft we had to laugh….anyway he came back in after 3 strokes….”flippin eck its big” or words to that effect. Drifted for 20 more mins and then both went out to deploy the para nchor….. amazing to be on this little boat in such enormous seas….we had a great time.

Our confidence in Breakthrough grows daily as she shows us what she can do. We are being careful and looking out for each other. Will be on anchor for next two days at least and then hope to get NE trade winds to finally get to Antigua! Spirits are good but being on anchor and stuck in here not so nice. Listening to music and dozing. Whole cabin is occasionally submerged underwater and we become almost weightless as we drop of the mountain-sized waves.

Speak soon, love to all xxxxxx