Friday 13th/Sat 14th Dec: Digging Deep

This is the first blog post written by me (Ellen) of behalf of Team Nick and Ed, currently the world’s greatest superheroes.

The boys have been in a bad way for the last 24hours following rough treatment by the sea.

At 5pm last night (Friday) Nick and Ed were on deck, Nick rowing, Ed eating dinner. They were having a good chat apparently! A freak wave described by Nick as ‘enormous’ reared up behind the boat.  The wave knocked them out of the boat and it capsized to the side, but righted very quickly and the boys (who were wired onto their safety lines)were able to get back on board safely.  Nick got back on the oars to try to continue rowing, and Ed went into the cabin – however another wave threatened to roll them again and Nick joined Ed inside. They were then rocketed forward at a terrifying 14.5knots by the waves.

14 knots is aprox. 16.1 MPH, 25.928 kph

This event on top of the punishing conditions they have had to endure mentally and physically over the last 10 days shook Nick and Ed to the point that early this morning they asked the support yacht to attend them.  However after a long and very emotional day of wind-interrupted phonecalls, satellite texts and trying to get them to eat something (have had no appetite), they called off the aid and are back on the oars. The support boat will still go to their area tonight and be close by as a back-up. Atlantic Campaigns have offered sound support to us and them – thank you.

Night rowing is reportedly the hardest, as the cloud cover means there is little moonlight to see the waves coming, before they break over the boat.  So they have adjusted their shift pattern in order to be able to support each other more and have less time rowing alone in the darkness.  We have also been working on providing them with more info – a lot of the comms are not getting through so they did not know how well they were doing, or that lots of the other crews are finding this immensely tough too.

I speak for all those involved in today’s events when I say I am impressed with Nick and Ed beyond words.  Whatever happens next they have pulled themselves through a very hard place.  I am in awe of you boys.

Keep going!

PS. Nicola, thank you. xxx