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Monday 9 Dec. Mother nature in a bad mood

We have had the works from mother nature and now she is really giving it some! Stopped rowing my shift at 1930 last might as the waves were coming from all directions…..big waves and breaking.

Boat drifted all night in right direction which was good. Sleeping is hard but we are managing…cabin soaked through.  Nick went out to try and row at 0900 this morning which was interesting! Waves at around 35ft with 5kts of wind….it was so daft we had to laugh….anyway he came back in after 3 strokes….”flippin eck its big” or words to that effect. Drifted for 20 more mins and then both went out to deploy the para nchor….. amazing to be on this little boat in such enormous seas….we had a great time.

Our confidence in Breakthrough grows daily as she shows us what she can do. We are being careful and looking out for each other. Will be on anchor for next two days at least and then hope to get NE trade winds to finally get to Antigua! Spirits are good but being on anchor and stuck in here not so nice. Listening to music and dozing. Whole cabin is occasionally submerged underwater and we become almost weightless as we drop of the mountain-sized waves.

Speak soon, love to all xxxxxx

Sunday: Day 5

Both in cabin. Rough and windy.

No heroics from us so tucked up in bed!

Boat drifting in right direction ish! We are being tossed around all over and it is sweltering in the cabin.

Long nighht! Ahead

BLOG DAY 4 – Saturday pm.

Hi all. Spirits are pretty good aboard Breakthrough Atlantic as we have made good progress over the last 24 hours.

We are mentally preparing ourselves for a tough few days, though, as a predicted low pressure system brings high seas and 35mph winds.

Hopefully our strategy to go south initially should help us relative to the rest of the fleet but we expect to go backwards and spend 4 days in the cabin when it hits – perhaps a good
opportunity to look at our quiz lots of people contributed to!

Nick & Ed

Breakthrough Atlantic’s channel – 6th phonecast

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Day 2

Well it’s nearly 24 hours since we set off. It has been a long slow night on the
oars, a light head wind making our route a little frustrating.

We were not alone during the early hours…..a small pod of dolphins came to join us at about 0300
and stayed with us for an hour or so. The night sky was stunning and with little
moon the stars were incredible. So many shooting stars we lost count.

We are very tired but OK. We are eating well and drinking plenty to keep us going.
Emotions are mixed as we row further from land.

Start morning

This is it folks. 1300 start time and Antigua here we come! Tough few days ahead. Thank you to everyone for helping to make this happen. We will try to keep you posted as often as possible.

Ed & Nick

Breakthrough Atlantic’s channel – 5th phonecast

Listen to my latest phonecast

Race Postponed until Wed 4th December 1200 UTC

Hi race fans! If you have not heard already, the race has been postponed until Wednesday the 4th December because of the weather. In order for us to be safe and to not crash into any land….Africa…..El Hierro etc we need three good days of wind to give us a bit of help to achieve this. The weather has been really mixed for the last week and a good reliable wind has not been forthcoming. Atlantic Campaigns must ensure our safety over and above everything else so for now we are stuck in San Sebastian. It has rained hard today so other than being warm I think we are having similar weather to you back in the UK??? NOT??

Nick and I are obviously very disappointed not to be leaving tomorrow but it does give us more time to fiddle with the boat and check everything again to make sure we have covered every eventuality. Some teams are relieved that the start is delayed as boats still have technical problems to be solved….this means we should have a complete start on Wednesday.

We will keep you posted as often as we can. Thanks, Ed and Nick

Our first proper outing in La Gomera

Gallery: Preparations in La Gomera

WHAT’S ON BOARD? If teams run out of rations and have to ask for extras, they will be disqualified - we’ve been packing, checking and repacking to get everything in!