Battle of the Bands

26 September 2013Rock the Boat: Battle of the Bands

For one night only up to five bands from across the industry will step on to boards trodden by the Stones and The Clash at the historic 100 Club, Oxford St, London. We are confident enough in the Bands’ collective prowess that the £20 ticket price is for entry not exit – with all proceeds going to Breakthrough Breast Cancer. Tickets will soon be available directly and via each band. If you would like to register for tickets please contact Richard Acworth at or Andy Fleming at to be put on the waiting list. Details of the bands playing will be posted as soon as they can get back together to agree names. The legendary 100 Club in London,

The Bands

Never Mind the Rowlocks

The term “Supergroup” is much maligned, and with good reason, as most of them are rubbish. NMTR are no exception. Five financial PR people who met through work and discovered a common interest in simple songs requiring as few chords as possible, they retain their “raw” sound largely by not rehearsing. Steely Dan they ain’t.
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51st State

Formed from the remnants of the legendary The Lost Chords, due to musical similarities the band changed its name to Fifty First State to reflect their interest in Budhism or something.
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The Derivatives

In 2009, a crack musical unit was sent to prison for crimes against music they still deny they committed. They promptly escaped from a maximum security studio to the London underground. Today, still wanted by the musicians union, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a gig, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire… The Derivatives.
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The Arc Band

The Arc Band

Formed for a one-off fundraiser gig in 2010, at the behest of no-one The Arc Band limped on and have developed a unique take on musical mediocrity ever since, wowing audiences of single digits in pubs across a very small corner of Surrey. They describe themselves as “Anglo-Franco Folk-Rock” (no, me neither) on the basis of having a French singer, a wine-making bassist, two Welshmen and a bloke who went on a family holiday once in Calais. Yep, about as Anglo-Franco as a Café Rouge in Glasgow.
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Los Banditos

Los Banditos

Formed in a pueblecito in Mexico in 2013 ‘Los Banditos’ have quickly become world leaders in mariachi guitar-based ball-busting rock. They played at Enrique Pena Nieto’s inauguration as President of Mexico who was heard to say at the end of the gig: ‘Ay Carumba… Los Banditos han robado mi corazon’. They are greatly looking forward to their first outing in London. Turn on, Tune up, Blow out!
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